InfluiTip #3: Manually Logging Activities

Need to award an Advocate points for something they did, but don't have a challenge for that activity? Don't worry, there's still a way to show them some love!


If one of your advocates has completed an activity outside the Hub you feel is worthy of points and praise, you can manually award points to an Advocate for anything you want! This is called logging activities.

To log an activity, first head over to the Advocates tab. Once there, click the pencil icon next to the Advocate you want to award points to.

Click Log Activity. This will open a window in which you can name the activity, add notes for context, choose the number of points to be awarded, and the date the activity will be logged.

Once everything is set, click Log Activity.

Now if you click the Advocates name to view their profile, you will see the activity you logged, listed at the top of their feed.

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