Adding a Video to your Hub's Sign In Page

Want to inject more personality into your hub's sign in page?

Well, you sure can with a video!

Currently, the sign in page for this hub looks generic. There isn't anything to showcase the intentions of the advocacy program. If you add a video, you'll be able to add a personal touch and an introduction to what the program will offer its advocates. 

If you'd like to find other ways to brand your hub (beyond adding a video in the Sign-In page), please take a look at the following articles: Basic Branding and Advanced Branding

There are two ways to go about this. 

1. Using the Markdown syntax, we can embed a video on the Sign-In page. The drawback is that the URL to the video will be visible along with the video itself. The pro to this method is being able to play the video without opening up another tab. 

Here's what it'll look like: 

How do you do this? 

You an add the URL of the video anywhere in Sign-In Settings. You can make these changes by navigating to Settings > going to the Advocate Program tab > Sign-In > under Advocate Sign-In Message. 

2. We can embed the Youtube video onto the Sign-In page with a custom thumbnail. The pro to this method is being able to hide the video URL. The drawback would be that you'd be redirected to a tab where the video'd be playing. 

Here's what it'll look like: 

How do you do this?
Start by uploading both the thumbnail image and the video to sites that case host this media (Youtube for videos, and Imgur for images). 

After uploading both the image, and the video to those websites, please collect their links. 

You can now add the links to the hub, to spruce up the Sign-In page. Firstly, go to the Hub's Admin page. Click the dropdown for Settings, and navigate to the Advocate Program tab, where you'll find Sign-In. 

Here's the syntax necessary: [![]()]() 

You will have to leave the first square brackets alone, lest you title it. The first round brackets is where you'll be placing your Imgur image URL. The second round brackets is where you'll be playing the Youtube link. 

It should look something like this (with the links): [![](]( 

Once you're satisfied, click Save. You can then click Preview to see the changes. VoilĂ , now you've got an introductory video with its thumbnail on your Sign-In Page. 

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