Validating G2 Reviews in AdvocateHub

Validating G2 Reviews in AdvocateHub

G2 and Influitive have worked together to create an integration that enables you to create a challenge in Influitive requesting a review of your product (or multiple products) on G2. When the advocate clicks through to G2 and leaves a review, the Influitive challenge will be automatically completed shortly afterwards, or you can opt to make the challenge contingent on whether or not G2 approves the review.

Please note: Only G2 customers who have access to their G2 site API settings can set up this auto-verification Influitive integration, which may require an additional fee or a different G2 customer package.

In Influitive: Enabling the G2 Integration in your AdvocateHub in the Integration Library

  1. Go to Integrations under your name on the top right corner of the screen and find the G2 integration card, and click Manage

  1. Click on Enable Integration
  2. Go to the  Setup tab and select the Authorization Token

Do not include the word, "Token" when you copy/paste. Only copy the numbers string from the API Token.  Make sure that there are no extra space before or after the API number string

In G2: Entering Authorization Token in G2's Settings

  1. On G2, click  Admin on your profile.
  2. Click on Influitive Integration (under Settings).
  3. Enter your G2 Integration Authorization Token (copied in step 3 above). Do not include the "Token", only copy-paste the Token numbers.
  4. Check the box beside  Enable Influitive Integrations and save.
Now that everything is set up and ready to go, you can move on to  creating the AdvocateHub/G2 challenge.
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