Setting up Program Goals

      From your administrator dashboard you can track and monitor the progress of your key advocacy objectives. Under the Program Goals heading, you can see a list of your goals, your progress toward these goals, and where you should be today.

      Note: The following goal types are no longer functional: Referrals, Facebook Likes, Twitter followers. These all connect to deprecated functionality.

      Types of Goals

      Predefined Goals

      • Twitter Posts:  Tracks the number of tweets sent from Twitter Post stages or Share a Link stages.
      • Facebook Posts: Tracks the number of Facebook shares sent from Share a Link stages.
      • LinkedIn Posts: Tracks the number of Linkedin shares from Share a Link stages.
      • References: Tracks the number of reference challenges completed (that is, the number of a completions for all challenges with the "reference" type)
      • New Advocates: Tracks the number of new advocates that join the AdvocateHub
      • Advocate Engagement: Tracks the number of engaged advocates
      • New Twitter Followers: Tracks the number of users who completed Challenge Stage: Follow on Twitter
      • Discussions - Replies Posted: Track the number of Replies posted in Discussions
      • Discussions - Topic Created: Tracks the number of Topics created in Discussions

      Custom Goals

      • You can also choose your own custom goals based on challenges advocates have completed. 
      • Completed a type of challenge
        • When setting up this goal, you select a Challenge Type. Each time an advocate completes any challenge of this Challenge Type, it counts toward this goal.
      • Completed a specific challenge
        • When setting up this goal, you select a specific challenge. Each time an advocate completes this particular challenge, it counts toward this goal. 

      Adding a Goal

      1. To add a goal, click on the  icon on the Administrator dashboard (see below).

      2. Now, select the goal you wish to track

      3. Next specify the number of activities that would achieve this goal, then click the  Save button.

      Configuring a Custom Goal

      You may also track a custom goal using specific challenges or specific  types of challenges. To create a custom goal..

      1. Click on the  define your own custom goal link in the Add a Goal pop up.

      2. Next, provide a goal name, specify the specific challenge or challenge type, and the goal per month.

      Email Summaries of Program Goals

      Email summaries are sent to administrators with these goals and performance metrics. These can be turned off by going to the Settings > System > User Management and clicking on the name of the Administrator. Uncheck / check the "Send summary e-mail to this user" box to configure whether or not this user receives weekly summaries of the program goals.

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