Configuring OAuth 2 > G-Suite by Google

Note: This feature may not be available in your plan. Please contact your Advocacy Coach to learn more.

This article will cover how you can configure your OAuth 2 setup in the AdvocateHub to allow your Advocates to sign up for the hub using their Google G-Suite accounts. This provides your Advocates with a seamless, easy way to enter your hub using their Google accounts.

Gather data from your Google API Console

First thing we need to do is gather our Client ID and Client Secret which you can find in your Google API Console. Once you navigate to your console, choose Credentials from the menu on the left-hand side.

You will be greeted with an opportunity to Create Credentials, from this dropdown select OAuth client ID

Next, we create the Client ID. Here, under Application type you need to select 'Web application'. You can Name it whatever you like, I have used 'Influitive AdvocateHub in this example. And finally you need to set your Authorized redirect URI, this will be your hub URL followed by '/users/auth/custom_oauth2/callback'. Click Create to save.

Now you will be presented with your Client ID and Client Secret which you will need to copy into your hub in our next steps

Finalize configuration in AdvocateHub

At this point we need to go back to your AdvocateHub and essentially just plug in some information that I will outline below. Find our OAuth integration under Integrations > Custom OAuth Provider and open the Setup tab, you should see a list of empty fields like this:

Let's fill out this information:

Client ID Paste in the Client ID we retrieved from your Google API Console in the earlier steps
Client Secret Paste in the Client Secret we retrieved from your Google API Console in the earlier steps
Token URL
Authorize URL
Fetch User Path
Scope profile email
Ignore OAuth2 State Leave box unchecked
UID Lookup id
Name Lookup name
Email Lookup email
URL Lookup Leave blank
Image Lookup picture

Add final cosmetic touches

At this point everything should be functioning correctly but we can add a name and some logos which will make the experience look perfect. We need to be on the same page where we entered the information above. Scroll to the bottom of this page and under Misc. other stuff you will find a place to upload an image and a logo as well as a Display Name. There are many variations of the Google logo that you can use, you can either get these directly from Google or search for the images online.

If you have dual login enabled then the Advocate will see something like this when they navigate to the AdvocateHub.

If you have OAuth Single Sign On enabled you will skip the Influitive Sign In page altogether and be brought straight to a Google page where you can enter your Google credentials.

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