2017/03/29 Release Notes

Note: Some content described in this release may or may not be available with your package. Please contact support or your Advocacy Coach if you’d like to learn more.

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  • New Option to Exclude Locked Advocates from Reporting
  • Updates to Generic CRM and RO Innovation Integrations

New Option to Exclude Locked Advocates from Reporting

Admins now have the option of filtering out locked advocates from reports. This filter is especially useful when admins would like to see the reporting data of only their currently active advocates.
This filter is available on all reporting tabs, with the exception of benchmarking. The benchmarking feature is based off active hubs instead.
Applying this filter will cause a drop in engagement metrics because fewer advocates are included in the report for all time ranges. If you have any questions on what this new filter means please refer to the  help article or contact support.

Updates to Generic CRM and RO Innovation Integrations

Generic CRM

Through our API, Admins can now link any CRM or external system to the AdvocateHub. This opens the door to creating custom integrations to CRMs other than Salesforce such as Microsoft CRM.  This functionality is available through two new fields, 'external_contact_id' and 'external_account_id', added to the API and CSV import/export functionality. See the help article Adding, Updating, and Managing Multiple Advocates with a CSV Import.

Webhooks also include these new data fields. The external contact ID can be seen on the advocate profile view as well.  You will need to create custom code to use this new feature, alternatively use a platform such as Cloud Elements, Zapier or other middleware to connect the two systems. 

RO Innovation Support

Influitive can now push an Advocate who joins a group into RO directly.  The reference manager can then follow-up with an interview and updating their profile in RO.   We have enabled the ability for RO to build new functionality in the future to support Reference activities other than Reference Calls. However, that functionality will need to be implemented by RO in the future. Hubs with this integration must update their authentication with a new API key and API secret to enable this functionality.See our help article for more details  RO Innovation Integration: Overview and Setup.

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