Advanced Social Influence Reports

Note: The  Advanced Social Influence Report is only available to those on the Army tier and above. If you have questions about this, contact your CSM for assistance.

The Advanced Social Influence Report tracks any clicks generated from social shares. To find it, go to the Dashboard tab and click on the Social Influence tab.

When advocates shares a link to social networks via 'Share a Link', 'Post to Twitter' or 'Follow on Twitter' challenge stages, you can see which advocates have generated the most clicks, a breakdown of shares and clicks by network, and how many shares and clicks were generated on a specific challenge. 

Total Shares and Clicks Generated from Social Shares

This is an aggregate total number of shares and clicks generated across all networks for the specified time range.

Shares and Clicks by Social Network

These graphs display the number of social shares made on each network and clicks generated from those shares. The Twitter graph also includes a count of Twitter follows to track the 'Follow on Twitter' stage.

Other clicks mean that they were clicked on somewhere else other than Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. Mostly, it includes web crawlers/robots checking the link for metadata but could also include people clicking on the link from any other place (an email, slack, etc.)

Most Popular Content Shared

See a breakdown of shares made and clicks generated for a specific challenge and content link. This is a great way to see which specific challenges and content are most successful in generating traffic.

Top Social Influencers

See which advocates have shared the most and driven the highest number of clicks. This report is great for identifying which advocates are most socially influential and are able to drive traffic when you need it.

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