Marketo: Sending an email alert for referral submissions via Marketo

This article will explain how to send an alert to your Sales Rep when a new lead is created in Marketo from an Influitive Referral. These instructions will recommend the use of Marketo Smart Campaigns to send these alerts.

A working knowledge of Marketo is required to complete these steps. For more detailed instructions on creating Smart Campaigns, please refer to the Marketo Help site.

Step 1: Create an Alert Email

Prerequisites: Create a Campaign folder or make sure that you have an existing one that you can use.

1. Under the Marketing Activities section, click on your chosen Campaign Folder. Under New, choose New Program.

2. You can name your Program something like "New Influitive Lead". For Program Type, choose Email and for Channel, choose Email Send. Click on Create

3. Select the Program that you have just created in Step 2, then under New click New Local Asset.

4. Click Email.

5. In the Name field, name it something like "Influitive Referral Email". If you have a Template, choose it from the drop-down list. Otherwise, select Blank. Next, click on Create.

6. Right-click and Edit the sections on the right-hand side.

7. Enter the From Name, From Email, Reply-to, and Subject that you want your sales team to see.

8. Edit the text to include the body of the email.

9. Place your cursor where you want to insert the lead's contact info and click the Insert Token icon.

10. Find and select the {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} Token and click Insert.

11. Click Save.

12. Close the email editor tab/window.

13. Under Email Actions, click Approve.

Step 2: Create an Alert Trigger Campaign

1. Select the Program created previously (e.g. New Influitive Lead), then under New click New Smart Campaign.

2.  Name the campaign something like "Influitive Alert Campaign" and click Create.

3. Under the Smart List tab, find and drag the Lead is Created trigger to the canvas. Choose "Influitive Referral" as the Lead Source

4. Under the Flow tab, find and drag the Send Alert flow action to the canvas.

5. Select the alert email created earlier e.g. Influitive Referral Email and leave Send To as Lead Owner.

6.  Go to the Schedule tab and click the Activate button.

7.  Click Activate on the confirmation screen. And you're done!

You may want to only send an alert once a lead owner has been assigned. If that is the case, you can add a choice to the Flow. You can find more information on how to do this How to Control Order of Operations in Marketo.

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