This article will be walking you through how to configure the PFL integration in your AdvocateHub. To start, here is a breakdown on how to configure the PFL integration.

The rest of this article will be walking you through the steps outlined in the video.

1. First let's head to your Integrations library

2. Click Manage on the PFL Integrations card

3. Click on the Setup Tab and press the authenticate button

You will be taken to a screen to authenticate your account, place your email and password for PFL. Once complete, it will take you back to the original page. 

4. Go into the Settings tab

  1. Click on the dropdown Enable printing for less
  2. In the default store, it will populate your default stores in your PFL account
  3. Pressing save will save the settings
  4. It will now be represented in the rewards catalogue

5. Your logs will display the rewards that have been transferred from your AdovcateHub to the PFL integration. It will show if it was a success or failure. 

Now that it is all set up, how do you use it?

1. When adding a new reward, in the fulfillment category, there will be a section printing for less. 

2. Continue to select a store and the reward you were looking to use.

After the fulfillment is setup, creating the rest of the reward is the same as any other reward.

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