2016/12/14 Release Notes

Note: Some content described in this release may or may not be available with your package. Please contact support or your Advocacy Coach if you’d like to learn more.

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  • Sent Messages Now Count as Engagements
  • [Beta] Challenges Beta Now Includes Text Search Bar and Additional Filters

New Features/Enhancements

Sent Messages Now Count as Engagements

With the recent launch of New Messaging, advocates can easily send messages to their fellow administrators and advocates. This activity now counts towards the engagement data you see in your reports.

As a result of this update, engagement in your hub may have slightly increased or stayed the same, depending on how many messages are being sent.

Listed below are the different advocate activities that count towards the engagement metric.

  • Completing a stage in any challenge
  • Liking or commenting on another advocate's challenge submission
  • Performing any activity in a discussion (i.e. post, like, comment, reply)
  • Redeeming a reward
  • Sending a message
  • Submitting a referral
  • Updating personal advocate profiles

Feel free to contact support to find out more about messaging in your Hub!

[Beta] Challenges Beta Now Includes Text Search Bar and Additional Filters 

Challenges Beta is a redesign of the current challenges tab. It allows administrators to archive, publish and schedule, unpublish and export multiple challenges at once. You may find it to be a real timesaver!

For those hubs with Challenges Beta enabled, enhancements are underway! Now, administrators can search for challenges by their name and headline, just like the current challenges tab.

As well, the challenge list can be filtered by featured challenges and experiences.

Give challenges beta a whirl! If there's something you'd like to see improved, you can always drop us a line.

You can view the help article here to find out more about challenges beta.

If you do not have Challenges Beta enabled in your Hub, you can enable it accessing Settings > Influitive Labs > Challenge Bulk List > Save Changes.

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