2017/01/10 Release Notes

Note: Some content described in this release may or may not be available with your package. Please contact support or your Advocacy Coach if you’d like to learn more.

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  • New Email Delivery and Bounce Reports Released to All Customers
  • [Beta] Updates to Bulk Challenge Management 

New Email Delivery and Bounce Reports Released to All Customers

Administrators can now visit reports and see the performance of any emails they have sent out from their Hub. There are two new report tables on the Overview tab of reports: Email Delivery and Email Bounces.

The Email Delivery table gives a breakdown of how the different email types performed over a selected time period. Administrators can see how many emails were sent, successfully delivered, opened or clicked on by advocates.

The Email Bounces report provides insight into emails that did not go through. In this table you will find a list of advocate email addresses that bounced and details into the why the bounce occurred. This list can help identify incorrect advocate emails and which advocates have unsubscribed from the program's communication.

You can read more about email reporting in the  help article.

[Beta] Updates to Bulk Challenge Management

Bulk Challenges is a redesign of the current challenges tab which aims to make managing challenges simpler. It allows administrators to archive, publish and schedule, unpublish, or export multiple challenges at once. If you haven't tried it already, check it out - you may find it to be a real timesaver!

Select More Challenges at Once

Administrators can now apply bulk actions to up to 50 challenges at once. This update makes it easier to manage season-based campaigns or experiences containing multiple challenges.

This improvement comes as an addition to the changes announced in the last release note. Namely, the text search bar to help admins find specific challenges, and improved filtering of the challenge list.

You can find more information about this feature in the  Bulk Challenges Beta help article.

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