Introduction To The Influitive API


The Influitive Event API allows user actions that happen within external systems (communities, learning management systems, Marketo, etc) to be logged in Influitive. These actions can then trigger badges, rewards, and/or points to be awarded to advocates. These can then be used for segmentation purposes as well.


Most API endpoints (with the exception of AdvocateAnywhere) require the use of an  API Token. You can retrieve this token by following these steps:

  • Log into your Influitive instance, and click on your name in the top right of the screen, from the dropdown select Integrations
  • Find the integration named Influitive API. Enable that integration if it's not currently active.
  • Click on Manage. A pop-up will appear with your API Token. All requests to Influitive must include this token in requests, within the Authorization header. Some API calls require an X_ORG_ID, which is also provided in the Influitive API configuration settings.

What Can I Do with the Influitive API?

Click on each link to see the definition, examples, and  formatting of these calls. You also have the opportunity to test them using our API explorer. Additionally, check out our full API Documentation at


Approvals: Challenges

Approvals: Rewards



Manage Advocates

Manage Challenges

Referrals 2.0 API


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