Zapier: Add Newly Joined Advocates To Your CRM Software

In this article, we will go through the steps required to automatically add an advocate to your CRM software when they join the hub. In this article, we will use Salesforce as an example. However, Zapier integrates with a variety of CRM's, so you can configure the Action portion of the process to use whichever platform you'd like.

Prerequisites: You will need to have a Zapier account in order to begin this process. The free Zapier account comes with 5 "Zaps" and 300 "tasks" (i.e. events) per month. So, if you expect to have more than 300 new advocates per month, you may have to pay for a premium account. Also, using the Salesforce integration in Zapier requires a Premium account whereas the Hubspot integration is available on the free account.

Additionally, the free plan only allows two step Zaps. This will suffice for the setup below, but should you want to add additional steps or filters, you will need a paid account.

Let's begin..

1. Go to Zapier, and click on Make a Zap!

2. Choose  Webhook for the 'App' and select Catch Hook for the 'trigger'. At this point it should look like below:

3. Copy the webhook link present in the View Webhook section and then continue to Test this step and copy the webhook link

4. Now open up a new window/tab and navigate to your AdvocateHub's Webhook configuration page: Settings > System > Webhooks

5. Click on the Add a Webhook button:

6. Give your webhook a relevant name. I'll use, "Create Salesforce Contact" for this webhook

7. In the  Webhook Provider URL field paste the link from Zapier

8. Scroll down to the list of events and check the box beside  Advocate Joined

9. Scroll all the way down and click Save

10. Go back to your Zap set up tab/window, and click "Okay, I did this." Now you'll see a "Looking for the hook, this might take a sec..." status (seen below)

11. Quickly (using another browser or an Incognito/Private window) create a new test account in your hub

12. Immediately after joining your Hub, return to your Zapier window and it should be green within a few seconds. This means Zapier picked up the information about the new advocate. If it didn't work, try the process again, but move more quickly this time

13. Now choose the Action which should happen when an advocate joins. In this example, we're going to choose Salesforce' as the Action App.

14. Next we choose the action we want, in this case it will be Create Contact, save and continue

15. Now we have to connect to your Salesforce instance so click Connect a New Account and follow the instructions to enter our Salesforce credentials. Once complete you will see your Salesforce account pop up in Zapier, select it and hit save and continue

16. In the last step we select the data that we want to send across to Salesforce when the Advocate joins your AdvocateHub. You click the icon to the right of the fields and select the value, see below using email as an example

15. Click Continue, give it a name, and click Turn Zap On

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