Referrals 2.0: The Admin Referral Dashboard

You can use the Admin Referral Dashboard to see all the referrals submitted across your Referral Campaigns, filter down, and advance milestones for individual referrals.  

Getting to the Dashboard

1. To find the referral dashboard, click on the Referrals Tab in the AdvocateHub.

2. You will now see your referral dashboard, as below.  Let's go through each section:

Referral Detail

For each referral, you can click the down arrow on the top left of the card to expand it.  This tells you additional information on who the referral was, who it was made by, and any recent milestone activity. The information in the referral details is based on the fields in the form you created for your campaign.

Milestone Advancer

You can manually update a milestone for a specific referral through the drop down on the right side of the referral. You can leave any comments or kudos within the feedback section. The milestones listed in the dropdown are based on the milestones you configured for that campaign.

To advance a milestone:

1.  Go to the Admin Dashboard, open the milestone dropdown on the right side of the referral you'd like to progress.

2. Now select the milestone you'd like to update this referral to. The one that is checked is the current milestone:

3. Leave any feedback you'd like for the person who made the referral here: 

4. This feedback will now be available to the Referrer on their dashboard page, and also the admin on your Referral Dashboard:


Search Box

This is the box at the top left of the screen.  Use this to search through all text within the referral details.  It will filter the results to only those that match.  

Example of text searches:
  • Zeke Mata
  • Director of Marketing
  • Won

Campaign filter

You can limit the referral dashboard to only the referrals which are particular to a given campaign. 

You can also filter down to a specific campaign by clicking the campaign label on the Referral card:

Status Filter

Milestones fall into three types: In Progress, Won, Lost.  You can filter to only milestones of a particular type using this filter.

Last Activity Filter

Use this to filter down to referrals based on last activity:


The referral sort widget allows you to sort either by the submission date of the referral (default) or which ones have the latest or oldest milestone update activity.

The options are:
  • Sort by submission date
  • Newest Activity
  • Oldest activity

Referral Stats

This widget on the right side of the page highlights how many referrals are in progress, won, lost.  As you apply the various filters below, you will notice that the referral stats will update in real time:

Deleting a Referral

Sometimes you may want to delete a referral, because it was a test or submitted errantly. Currently there is no way to do this in the application.  However, you can email our support team with a list of the email addresses of the referrals you want to have deleted, and they can help you out.  Note, this will ONLY delete the referral in the Influitive system.  Any systems you sync with Influitive (e.g. Salesforce / Marketing Automation) will NOT be affected by this delete.

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