Message Settings

Setting a Primary Administrator for Messages

You can choose which administrator(s) receive messages from members under the  Primary Admin section of Messaging Set Up. The Primary Admin will receive messages when a user tries to contact you using AdvocateHub's messaging system or by filling out the Contact Admin form on the sign-in page.

You have the option to select one or multiple administrators who will receive all messages from your members. By selecting multiple admins, the likelihood of a message being missed is reduced. The first person chosen (in order of whom you clicked on first) in the Primary Admin settings will be the sender of this welcome message.

Once you've made your selection, ensure to Save Changes.

Setting a Welcome Message for new members

You can also set an automated welcome message from the Primary Admin(s) to new advocates. This is a great way to inform new users of who you are and how to contact you.

You can access this setting right under the Primary Admin setup. As a recap:

  1. From Admin View, click your name on the top-right corner
  2. Select Settings from the dropdown menu that appears
  3. On the left bar, choose Messaging > Messaging Settings
  4. Scroll down to Welcome Message section

From here, you can turn this function on or off by using the toggle on the right-hand side and edit the message as well. When turned on, new advocates will automatically receive this message from the Primary Admin once they join the program.

Reporting on Message Usage

In the Reports tab, you can pull stats on how many messages were sent and who your most active advocates are on messaging via the "explore" feature in reporting. This will include all messages sent (including messages sent to admins and other advocates).

Here is an example of how'd you would pull the top messaging advocates for a sample hub.

1. Go to the Overview tab and click on the "Explore from Here" gear on the Engaged Advocates tile.

2. Scroll down on the left side and click the " Filter" button next to the Type row under Engagements. Under Filters section make the filter "Engagement type is equal to message_sent".

3. Click Run and you will get your list.

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