Referrals 2.0: The Admin Manage Referral Campaigns Page

In Referrals 2.0 you can create and edit as many Referral Campaigns as you want.  A Referral Campaign is a publicly accessible referral form where your customers, partners, employees can provide referrals for your organization and receive recognition and feedback for their referrals as they advance through your sales pipeline.  

There are 6 steps to managing your referral campaign:

Editing / Creating Referral Campaigns

To edit or create a referral campaign, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Referrals Tab.

2. Click the Manage Campaigns button.

3.  Now you will see a list of your current referral campaigns

To create a campaign, click Add a Campaign. To edit a campaign, click the pencil next to the row.

The Default campaign is the one that will appear when advocates click on the Referrals tab. Usually, if you have not made any modifications, that one will be called Customer Referrals and have "default" at the end of its URL.

4. If you clicked Add a Campaign, you should now name your referral campaign and then click Create Referral Campaign.

Cloning / Deleting Referral Campaigns

As of October 13, 2022, you can now clone or delete Referral Campaigns.

However, you cannot delete…

  • the Default Campaign (i.e. the Referral tab)
  • published Campaigns (unpublish them first)
  • Campaigns with submitted referrals

Branding Your Referral Campaign

Now that you have created your campaign, you will want to add your branding including any text, video, banner images, and other visual elements to entice people to make a referral.

1. In the Admin view, click:  Referrals tab > Manage Referral Campaigns > Then click the pencil icon next to the campaign you want to edit.  Now select the branding tab.

Publish/Unpublish Campaign

If you want your campaign to be visible to people who access your URL, slide the status to "On".  You can slide the status to off, and users who try to access the URL will get a message saying "The page that you are looking for is no longer available." 

To preserve the integrity of the referrals tab, the default campaign cannot be turned to off.

Name and URL for your Campaign

You can edit the URL for your referral page, and also the name that appears in the Manage Campaign screens.  

Things to note:

  • Be careful when you change the URL because any old links will not be redirected to it. 
  • For Referral Campaigns custom URL, hyphens (-) are not supported. Please use an underscore ( _ ) instead.

1. To get there, click the pencil icon.

2. You will then be presented this screen, where you can edit your desired fields.

Cover Photo

This is the banner that will be shown to advocates on the top of your referral page.

Max width is 1024px. To upload a new file, click the upload file icon.

Referral Description

This is the text that will be shown to registered members of the hub who visit your referral page, on the left side of the page. You can use video, images, and rich text.

Allow users to submit referrals via social media

This feature turns on a set of social sharing widgets on your referral page that your advocates can use to promote the campaign publicly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, and more!  This feature is on by default.

If you turn on this feature, you will see this "Refer by sharing" section at the bottom of your referral campaign.

Landing Page Description

This is the text that will be shown to people who visit your referral page from a link shared on social media or via email and want to learn more about your offering. You can use video, images, and rich text.

Default Sharing Message

You can customize the default message that appears when your advocates share a link to the referral page via social media.

The text will be followed by the link to the referral page. Advocates can also modify this default text before sharing.

Use an external URL for sharing

Check this box if the referral action is taking place on an external page.  For instance, if you want to use a referral campaign to drive purchasing on your e-commerce site.  If you check this box, the landing page description will no longer be necessary, and will be hidden.  Learn more about this feature here

Referral Form Setup

The Referral form is the one that a user would fill out to provide information on the person they are referring (the prospect). Use this section to adjust the fields that people fill out when they submit a referral on your page.  

In order to accurately identify referrals, email is a required field on the form and cannot be removed.

Navigate to: Settings > Referrals 2.0 > Manage Referral Campaigns > pencil icon and select the Form Setup tab.

For any changes you make, make sure you click the Save Section button at the bottom of the screen.

Adding A New Field to the Referral Form

This will add an additional field to the referral form.

Form Label

This is the title of the field when it is displayed on the referral form.

Field Type

This is the type of input field that appears on the form.

Input - A single line of text

Text area - A paragraph of text

Checkbox - For example, a yes/no answer

Drop Down - A list of options a user can select from. You can add a Label (what the members will see) and the associated Value (needs to match the picklist option's API name in your CRM). The Value portion in the Influitive Referral Form field dropdown should match the API Name (Not Values Name) in the picklist values in Salesforce.

Hidden - A form field not displayed to the advocate. Any default value can be assigned, and can be overwritten via a query string.  

Hidden Fields

Hidden fields are typically used to hard code a value on a referral submission that you want passed to your CRM or marketing automation system.  For instance, you may want a hidden field called "record_type" with a value of "Influitive_referral_lead" that you map to a specific field in your CRM to let you know that this lead came from Influitive.  

Every hidden field has a default value. You can overwrite default values of Hidden fields and pre-fill visible fields by placing the field_name and value in the query string of the campaign URL i.e.

By default on the referral form, a hidden field called "referral_source" is added.  The default value is "Influitive."  You may want to map this field to the appropriate field in your CRM to indicate that this referral has come from Influitive.  Feel free to change the default value.

Data Type

Data types indicate how the data is going to be stored in the referral database, and also whether any validation is required:

Text - Alphanumeric

Email - Requires an @ and a .

Boolean - A field containing a yes/no response

If a field doesn't match its data type, the form will trigger an error when a user tries to submit it, for instance below:

Field Name

Field Names indicate what this would be called on the backend. If you are creating a new field you would typically pick "Enter a custom value..." and then type in a name. If you have already created this field on a different referral campaign, you might want to pick from the list available.  

Don't worry too much about what the action name of the field is unless you are an advanced user. This is usually only relevant when mapping your referral leads to external systems such as, Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua, or Pardot.

Make this field required

Check this box if users are required to fill in this field in order to submit the form. If a user does not fill out a required field, they will receive an error message like this:

Show this field for referrals

Indicate whether a form field will be shown to advocates submitting a referral.  

Show this field for socially submitted referrals

Indicate whether a form field will be shown to users viewing your referral page through a public link shared by advocates on social media or by email and who wish to sign up to learn more about your product/company.

Reordering Form Fields in the Referral Campaign

To change the order in which the fields are displayed on the referral form, simply drag and drop the fields to your desired location.

Unique Email

Every newly submitted referral must contain a unique email.  This prevents someone from submitting the same referral more than once. If an email is entered more than once, a user will receive this error message:

Advocate Form

The Advocate form is only shown when a user is not logged into a hub. Usually, this only comes into play when a referral is made by a public user. This form is shown after the information on the referral is submitted. This form is used to collect information on who made the referral so they can be updated on the status and awarded points if necessary.

For the Advocate Form, you cannot add any fields.  You are also required to collect First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, and Company.  These are the minimum pieces of information needed to create a profile for this advocate in the Influitive System.

The main fields you can change on this form are the Label input as well as make the Title and Company fields hidden or not hidden fields.  

In most cases, you will not need to make changes to this form.

Milestone Setup

A Referral Campaign Milestone is a way to track the progression of referrals as they advance through your sales pipeline and provide recognition and feedback to the referrer.

To get there:  Settings > Referrals 2.0 > Manage Referral Campaigns > the pencil icon and select the Milestones Tab.

NOTE: Make sure you click Save Section at the bottom of the screen once you make any changes.

Reorder the milestone

To reorder milestones, simply drag and drop the milestones to your desired location.

Add/Edit a Milestone

You can add new milestones or edit existing ones to customize them to your needs.

Milestone Label

This label would be displayed to advocates on their referral dashboard as their referral progresses.

API code

If you are using the Referrals API, this is the code you would use to trigger this milestone. Click here for more details.

Milestone type

There are the three types of milestones: 'in progress', 'won', or 'lost'.  These are used primarily for filtering, ordering, and displaying milestones.  


This is the number of points that will automatically be given to the referrer when each stage of the referral is reached.


A notification is a way to alert and inform people after they have submitted a referral.

To get there: Settings > Referrals > Manage Referral Campaigns and select the Notifications Tab

Setting up the Admin Email

You may want to inform your Hub administrators each time a referral is made.  Use this field to specify which people will be notified when a referral is made.  For security reasons, you can only add users who are Influitive admins to receive these emails:

This is what the email will look like when a new referral is submitted:

Advocate Email

This email is only sent to people who submit a referral and are NOT members of the hub:

This is what the email looks like:

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