Providing Feedback to Advocates

If you are looking for information on how to use the admin > advocate messaging system, please refer to this article: Messaging: Advocates and Admins.

While in Admin View, click into the Dashboard tab and look through your advocate's Activity Feed. If you see a particularly good response, or an Advocate who is very engaged, you can provide feedback. 

Hover your mouse over an event of your interest under the Activity Feed and click on the grey Feedback link which appears at the end of the event:

When you click into the advocate's profile, you can do the same from their Feed tab.

From here, simply write your message and / or give them some extra points. If you want to take points away use the "-" minus symbol (e.g. "-5" will result in 5 points removed).

You can review feedback made in the past by clicking on the  Feedback tab from the advocate's profile.

The advocate will receive the feedback via a Notification within the hub and in their Hub messaging Inbox:

The advocate can reply to your feedback by messaging you, the administrator, or using the Hub Messaging Inbox if they wish to contact you regarding this feedback. 

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