Communicating with Advocates: Messages and Feedback

We have already learned that Advocate to Advocate messaging is a great way for your advocates to interact privately with each other within your AdvocateHub. Administrators are also able to follow the method detailed for advocates, but we will detail the various ways you can send messages or feedback to your advocates from wherever you may be on the Administrator side of your AdvocateHub.

We will break this up into two sections:

Admin to Advocate Messages

This can be used at your leisure for all types of communication; questions, discussions, and gossip. Responses will appear in the Inbox which is accessible by clicking on the dialogue bubbles in the top right hand corner of the page

Providing Feedback

If an advocate performed exceptionally well, you may want to give them some extra points. You also have the option to take some away if the situation calls for it

Admin to Advocate Messaging

Scenario A: Using the Inbox

While in  Admin View, click on the dialogue bubbles in the top right corner beside your name: 

This will bring you into the  Inbox. Visually, this page is the same as what an advocate would see. From here, click into the Search bar and type in the advocate you'd like to message. A dropdown menu will appear once you type in a letter to help you search for your advocate. 

Simply send a message by writing what you'd like to say to your advocate in the Write a message space and pressing send. Once you send the message, you will see the conversation on the left side of the Inbox along with a list of your other conversations with advocates.

Messages are sorted in order of  newest interaction to oldest. So, when an Advocate replies, that conversation will bubble up to the top.

Scenario B: From the Advocates list

While in  Admin View, go to the Advocates tab and find the advocate you'd like to message. Click the pencil icon beside the advocate's name and select Send Message from the dropdown menu that appears. 

Scenario C: From the Advocate's "Feed"

You can also message the advocate directly from their profile page when in Admin View. It's as simple as clicking the Send Message button above the advocate's name.

Providing Feedback

The above messaging feature is for whatever communication you may wish to have with your advocate, AdvocateHub also provides a method to provide feedback directly relating to challenges. Through this method, an administrator may also award or subtract points while having the option to provide feedback for the action.

Scenario 1: From the Dashboard

While in  Admin View, click into the Dashboard tab and look through your advocate's Activity Feed. If you see a particularly good response, or an Advocate who is very engaged, you can provide feedback. 

Hover your mouse over an event of your interest under the Activity Feed and click on the grey Feedback link which appears at the end of the event:

When you click into the advocate's profile, you can do the same from their Feed tab.

From here, simply write your message and / or give them some extra points. If you want to take points away use the "-" minus symbol (e.g. "-5" will result in 5 points removed).

You can review feedback made in the past by clicking on the  Feedback tab from the advocate's profile.

The advocate will receive the feedback via a Notification within the hub and in their Inbox:

The advocate can reply to your feedback by messaging you, the administrator, using the Inbox if they wish to contact you regarding this feedback. 

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