Referrals 2.0: The Advocate Referrals Tab

The Advocate Referrals tab is where advocates go to submit referrals and track the status of previously made referrals.

Currently, Hub members can only submit up to 10 Referrals per day

The Advocate Referral Tab

The Referrals tab for advocates shows the default referral campaign, and also a list of previously made referrals for that campaign.

To get there, click on Referrals under the Program tab in Advocate view.

The Advocate Referral Dashboard

The advocate referral dashboard shows the status of all the advocate's previous referrals, regardless of the campaign they were submitted for. It also shows high level referral stats, and allows the advocate to filter by campaign. It is very similar in format to the  Admin Referral Dashboard.

  • To get there, login as an advocate, click on the Referrals tab, and then click the Referral Dashboard button.

  • You will now be presented with the Advocate Referrals Dashboard.

Submitting a referral when you are logged into a Hub

Currently, Hub members can only submit up to 10 Referrals per day

To submit a referral, log into your hub, switch to Advocate view, and follow these steps:

1a) Click on the Referrals tab. This takes you to the default referral campaign OR

1b) If you do not want make a referral for the default campaign, login to the hub and paste in the URL of the referral campaign you would like to make a referral for. The URL will look something like this: 


2. Fill out the referral form, making sure to fill out  any fields marked required, and click Submit.

3. You will receive a  message confirming your submission and be sent to the referral dashboard.

Submitting a referral as a public user

In some cases, a public user who is not a member of the hub, may want to submit a referral.  This is the process they would follow:

1.  Type in the URL of the referral page they want to refer for. Similar to step 1b above.  

2.  Submit the referral form. Similar to Step 2 above.

3. Now they will be asked to write some details about themselves. Because they are not logged into the hub or are not a member, we need to know who they are in order to update them on the status and give them points for the referral.

4. Once you fill out your information, you will be sent to a thank you page.  

From here you can get a set of unique links to share on social media to get more referrals and also sign up for membership in the hub ( if the admin has enabled an open sign up).

5. You will also receive an email confirming your referral with a link to your dashboard page if you want to return later.

Submitting a referral from a link shared on social media/email

Another way in which a referral can be generated is if one of your advocates posts your campaign on social media or emails their unique link, and someone signs up through that link. They would follow these steps to do this:

1. Log into the hub as an advocate and either click on the referrals tab or visit the URL of the referral campaign you'd like to share a link for .  

Scroll down to the section where you can " Refer by sharing":

2. Click one of the widgets to post your unique link on social media so your friends can see it.  Or click the link icon, copy your unique link, and send it out in an email or a text message. We will use twitter as our example here:

3. Let's now suppose your friend Joe notices your shared unique link and wants to learn more.  Joe clicks on the link and will be directed to your referral campaign.   

As a side note, the link Joe clicks on will be shortened (e.g But the full version of the URL will look something like this:   

Notice how this URL is distinct from the URL of your actual referral campaign. It includes a unique identifier, so we know who referred the person so they can get credit. It also directs the person to the "socially shared" version of your referral page instead of the usual version.

4. Joe is now sent to a referral landing page, but this will be the socially shared version.  This will be the same description you put in the  social media landing page section

5. Joe fills out the form, making sure to fill out any fields marked required and clicks  Submit.

6. Joe will now be directed to a thank you page once he submits his details:

7. A new referral will be recorded. Joe will be the referral and Imran, the original person who shared the link Joe clicked on, will be listed as the person who submitted the referral.   

Someone making a purchase on your e-commerce site from a link shared on social media/email

This is covered on the e-commerce page

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