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Note: The RO Innovation integration requires some setup in your RO instance so please reach out to your contact at RO to kick that setup off


About RO Innovation

RO Innovation is the expert at activating the voice of your customer to accelerate your business. Their suite of SaaS solutions optimize your customer reference and marketing assets within your sales cycle, making it easy for your teams to organize, find, send and track the right customer assets at the right time for optimal impact on every sales opportunity.

There are two aspects to the RO Innovation platform:

  • Reference Management - Complete, configurable platform to help you store, search, manage and track your customer reference assets and ROI of your program.
  • Empower Sales with Content - Share customer testimonial content to support conversations, drive prospect engagement, and qualify leads wherever you are.

Integration Overview

There are 3 key actions that the integration provides:

  1. Creating Reference Request challenges 
  2. Pushing Referenable Advocates to RO
  3. Rewarding Advocates in Influitive for participating in other reference activities

We will dive further into each of these different functions below.

How does this help Advocate Marketers?

The RO Innovation / Influitive Integration saves time and effort - previously an RO Innovation reference admin would need to speak with an Influitive admin to get a reference challenge created and published within Influitive, then the two would need to co-ordinate as the call was completed to ensure the advocate had a positive experience of getting their points awarded in a timely fashion.  The integration helps the two systems coordinate the two roles of a Customer Reference manager with the role of an Advocate Manager.


When you navigate to the RO Innovation integration in Influitive by going to Integrations > RO Innovation, open the Setup tab. Here you will see there are two sets of keys to enter, the Legacy and the API and Secret Key pair:

To find the Legacy Key, go to the Admin tab in your RO Innovation instance and locate the "Influitive Key". Copy and paste this value into the Legacy API Key field:

Next, to obtain your API Key and Secret Key you will need to contact RO in order for them to generate these for you. Once you have entered these hit Save and you are all set!

Reference Request Challenges

This feature of the integration will allow you to automatically create a Reference Challenge in your AdvocateHub based on you triggering this from the RO Request. You have the option of publishing this automatically or leaving it unpublished so that an Influitive Admin can review it before publishing. You can also set how many participants you want to limit the challenge to and a date range for how long it should be published for. These are all configured on the RO side of things.

On the Influitive side, you will need to create a challenge template(s) for your RO request scenario(s). For example, you may want a specific challenge set up for an RFP request versus a Peer to Peer call request. To create a challenge template follow these steps:

1. Create the challenge as you normally would, adding your stages and image and copy as you wish (these can be changed later in the template). The only requirement here is that the challenge type must be Reference

2. Save your challenge once you are happy with it

3. Now click the menu icon to expand the dropdown and select Save as Template:

4. You will not be brought to your template. As you can see below you can add some details to the template. Feel free to give it whatever title you like as well as the description that makes sense to you. You are also free to add it to a Template Category if you want to keep things organized. The key item here is the API Template Code, this is the code you will input on the RO Innovation side to make the connection between the systems for this RO Request -> Influitive Challenge flow. Ask RO to enter this API code for you in your RO instance if you are unsure of where to put it.

Once you have done this click Save Template and you are all set!

You are free to tweak this template whenever you like and you can find it by going to Program Tab -> Challenges -> Click +Add New button -> Templated Hub Challenge -> My Templates tab

Now when the request is made from RO you should see a new challenge in your Challenge list matching the details of your template.

the last thing to ensure that this is ready to go from the Influitive side is to toggle the feature On under the Settings tab of the RO Innovation Integration card

Push Referencable Advocates

This feature is very straightforward to setup. This pushes Advocates that enter a certain group to RO Innovation as Nominations. Again, in the RO Innovation Integration card, expand the Publish Referencable Advocates item which should reveal an option to select a group from a dropdown. Choose your group and hit Save and that is it! Now any time an Advocate is added to the Reference Program group (example below) through any means, they will be pushed to RO Innovation and created as a Nomination

Rewarding Other Reference Activities

Note: There maybe an additional cost for this feature, please ask your RO contact

This feature is mostly configured on the RO Innovation side so you can work with your RO contact to set this up. Once this is in place you will be able to log reference events that occurred and noted in Ro Innovation. For example, if you know somebody took part in a Site Visit and this has been tracked in RO Innovation you can reward them with points in your AdvocateHub.

From the Influitive side of things, you will need to create a custom event(s) that can be logged from RO Innovation - you can set the number of points to be awarded in RO.

Please refer to this article on how you can set up  Custom Events -

Similar to the Challenge Template, the key thing here is the API Code of your Custom Event. This is the code you will need to input into RO in order to connect the event in RO to the custom event in Influitive.

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