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About RO Innovation

RO Innovation is the expert at activating the voice of your customer to accelerate your business. Their suite of SaaS solutions optimize your customer reference and marketing assets within your sales cycle, making it easy for your teams to organize, find, send and track the right customer assets at the right time for optimal impact on every sales opportunity.

There are two aspects to the RO Innovation platform:

  • Reference Management - Complete, configurable platform to help you store, search, manage and track your customer reference assets and ROI of your program.
  • Empower Sales with Content - Share customer testimonial content to support conversations, drive prospect engagement and qualify leads wherever you are.

Integration Overview

Integrating RO Innovation with Influitive lets marketers easily notify advocates of new reference opportunities, and keeps track of their progress. When the reference call happens, the advocate who participated in the reference call gets awarded points within Influitive.

After activating the RO Innovation/Influitive integration - RO Administrators can easily take a reference call request from one of their salespeople and create an unpublished challenge  within Influitive.  An Influitive administrator can then easily verify and publish the reference challenge.  When the reference call is marked as complete within RO Innovation, Influitive will award the points to the advocate who completed the reference call.

How does this help Advocate Marketers?

The RO Innovation / Influitive Integration saves time and effort - previously an RO Innovation reference admin would need to speak with an Influitive admin to get a reference challenge created and published within Influitive, then the two would need to co-ordinate as the call was completed to ensure the advocate had a positive experience of getting their points awarded in a timely fashion.  The integration helps the two systems co-ordinate the two roles of a Customer Reference manager with the role of an Advocate Manager.

Configuring the Integration

1.  Within RO Innovation, go to the Admin tab in RO Innovation and locate the "Influitive Key"

2.  Now, go to your AdvocateHub Admin View, click on your name in the top right corner, and choose Integrations. Find the ro|innovation integration in the Reference Management category, and click Manage.

3. Click on the  Enable Integration button.

4. In the Setup tab, paste the API key that you copied to your clipboard from within RO Innovation and click Save.

Publish Referenceable Advocates

As RO Innovation has updated it's authentication keys, re-authenticating the integration to include the new API key and secret. This allows RO Innovation to create reference asks in the AdvocateHub.

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