Zapier: Integrating Skilljar With AdvocateHub


  • Your AdvocateHub plan must include API access
  • You must have a Skilljar course created with at least one completion.
  • You must have a Zapier account (free or paid)


In this article, we will discuss how to integrate your SkillJar courses with AdvocateHub to reward Advocates for participating in your online training by awarding them points and/or badges based on their progression in Skilljar. SkillJar's Zapier trigger offers three options, which means that you may use these same three options to reward your advocates in AdvocateHub. Those options are:

  • New Course Enrolment
  • New Domain Enrolment
  • Course Completion

We'll look at how to complete a custom event and award points to an advocate once they have completed a SkillJar course. If you opt for another trigger, just change your choice in Part 2 of this article. The workflow will be very simple:

Skilljar user completes the course
Check if an Advocate exists with that email address in your AdvocateHub. If they do not exist we will create an account for them
We then log the custom event to the Member's profile. If the Skilljar user is not a member of your AdvocateHub, the event will still be logged but they will be added to the Invite List with the name "unknown nominee" and their Skilljar user email. You can invite them later. 
As an optional step, if there was no current Advocate found with Step 2 we can send an invite to the profile we created for them automatically

Set up your Custom Event

Follow the steps in this article to create a custom event in your AdvocateHub. We're going to call ours skilljar_course_completion. If you call it something different, be sure to replace every instance of  skilljar_course_completion with the  API code of your custom event.

Set up the Zap

Well done on the custom event. Let's head over to Zapier and make a new Zap.

Choose your trigger:  Skilljar > Course Completion 
Connect your Skilljar account. You'll need to grab your API key from Skilljar.
Test your trigger and move onto the next step.
Before you create an Action, click the (+) icon and add a Filter.
Choose "Only continue if..." and hit Continue.
Make a filter with the following criteria
Course Published Course ID | (Text) Exactly matches |  Skilljar published course ID

Get your Published Course ID by going to the Domains and Publishing section of Skilljar, and clicking the pencil under the Edit column on the course you're looking to award points for.

Next, copy the number/letter code in the URL of that page (the bit after publish/ and before /edit). That's your Published Course ID.

Here's an example of what your filter should look like:

In the next step, we will log the Custom Event. Choose the ‘Log Custom Event’ action in the Influitive Zapier app:


Here, you will add the Email from the Skilljar trigger along with adding the Points you want to be awarded and the API code of the custom event you created earlier. It should look something like this:


As a final optional step, you can choose to automatically send an invite to the Advocate you may have created with step 8. Choose ‘Send an Invite to a Member in Influitive’ action and add the UUID from the 2nd step in the Zap we have created:


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