Referrals by Email

Advocates can refer by email if they want to directly contact their connections and introduce them to your company. This article will describe how the referral email feature looks for Admins and Advocates.

Email Referrals: The Advocate Experience

Because the goal of this feature is to make it easier for advocates to submit referrals, a lot of emphasis has been placed on making this experience intuitive and beautiful for the advocates and prospects. Advocates can find your email referral template by accessing the referral page/challenge and selecting the Send an Email tab. They can copy the text to their clipboard and paste it in a new email which they can send to their connections.

The Prospect Landing Page

When a prospect clicks on an advocate's referral link, they will be directed to the Prospect Landing Page. For information on this page and how to configure it click here. This page will include the name of the referring advocate, your logo, your info and your referral fields.

The Referral Email

In order to edit the default referral email text, visit Settings > Email > Referral Email. When editing your text make sure you leave {{referral_link}} in the default text. This is the referral link generated for each advocate and is necessary for the referral email to work.

On this page, you also have the option to customize the text for your default referral email. You can also set up the default email subject line.

Please note that you must configure the Prospect Landing Page in order for the referral link to work. Otherwise prospects will not be directed to a live page.

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