Zapier: Updating Salesforce With Challenge Submissions (NPS example)

In this article, we will use the example of updating an NPS Score field on a Salesforce Contact record after a user submits an NPS score via an challenge - in AdvocateHub or via AdvocateAnywhere.


  • You must have a paid Zapier account
  • You must know the name of field in Salesforce which information will be passed to.
  • If you are receiving submissions via AdvocateAnywhere, there's an additional requirement:

AdvocateAnywhere must be in place on your website  behind a login, so the email address of the submitter can be passed over along with the submission. This article explains how to capture their email from their login information.

Part I - Setting up the webhook in your AdvocateHub

  1. Click on your name in the top right of Admin View and go to Settings > Systems > Webhooks
  2. Click on Add a Webhook 
  3. Give your webhook a name
  4. Skip the Webhook Provider URL field for now (you will get this in Part II)
  5. Scroll down and check the box beside Provided Net Promoter Score
  6. Open up a new tab and continue to Part II. Don't save or close your webhook yet.

Part II - Setting up the Zap

A. Setting up the Trigger

1. Go to  Zapier and click on Make a New Zap

2. For your  Trigger choose, Webhooks > Catch Hook

3. From the View Webhook step, copy the given URL

4. Return to your tab with the AdvocateHub webhook creation window open.

5. Scroll to the top of the window and paste the URL into the  Webhook Provider URL field 

6. Save your webhook and go back to Zapier

7. Continue on to  Test this Step and follow this process:

  • a. Click the OK, I did this button
  • b. While the system is "Looking for the hook", quickly go complete the challenge in your Hub or on AdvocateAnywhere

9. Return to Zapier, where within a minute or so, Zapier should recognize your test

10. Hit  Continue to move on

B. Finding the Contact

1. As your second step, use an  Action and choose Salesforce > Find a Contact

2. Connect your Salesforce account when prompted

3. In the  Field to Search By field, choose email

4. In the  Search Value field, choose Contact[email]

5. Optionally, you may choose to  create a Salesforce Contact if one isn't found. Just check the appropriate box.

6. Continue and test this step.

C. Updating the Contact

1. As your Action, choose  Salesforce > Update a Contact

2. Connect your Salesforce account and continue

3. In the  Edit Template section, click the drop down for ID and choose Use a Custom Value (near the very bottom of the list)

4. In the  Custom Value for ID ID field, scroll down to the list beginning with 2. Find a Contact and choose ID (see below)

The resulting selection will look like this:

6. Scroll down, do find the field you'd like to update in Salesforce. In this example, we're using  NPS Score - a custom field I created, but any field is able to be used.

In the drop down, choose from  (1) Catch Hook, the Parameters[Responses] option which corresponds to the answer which you'd like to use to populate the field. You'll know because the answer will be visible. In this case I can see the NPS score of 9, so I know it's correct.

7. Scroll down, hit  Continue and test out your Zap.

8. If everything is working well, then you're done!

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