Referrals 2.0: Setting Up Referrals 2.0 For The First Time

You can get started with Referrals 2.0 by following the 7 step guide below!

Enable Referrals 2.0

Talk to your Influitive coach or a support representative to check your eligibility and then enable you for Referrals 2.0.

Once Referrals 2.0 is enabled you will notice Referrals now appears under the Program tab.  Click here to learn more about the Referrals Tab.

Enable the Influitive API Integration

In order for Referrals 2.0 to work, you will need to enable our API integration. For instructions on how to this, see  here.

Set up your Default referral campaign

Now you want to set up your first referral campaign. This is called the "default" campaign and the one that your advocates will see when they click the Referrals tab when logged in.

The default campaign is pre-created by the system. It has a URL that ends in /refer/default, and is called "Customer Referrals."   Make sure you edit THIS particular campaign, as this is the one your advocates will see by default.

Follow the steps in this document to configure your default referral campaign.

Push leads from Referrals 2.0 to your lead tracking system

Once you have set up your default referral campaign, you may want to push the leads generated from this campaign to your CRM system or marketing automation system. Below are the systems which AdvocateHub has an integration with.

Choose the integration below you'd like to set up


Configuring Salesforce integration


Configuring Marketo integration & pushing leads


Configuring Hubspot integration & pushing leads


Configuring Eloqua integration

Activate Referrals 2.0 for Advocates

Once you are ready to enable your advocates to use your new Referrals 2.0 campaign, follow these steps.  

Please be aware of what will happen once you activate Referrals 2.0 for advocates

- Any existing Referral 1.0 challenges will be unpublished

- You will no longer be able to create challenges with stage "Refer a Prospect"

- The "referrals" tab for advocates will now point to the default Referrals 2.0 campaign you configured in  Step #2 instead of the old Referrals 1.0 landing page.

To proceed:

1. Under Settings -> Advanced Referrals -> Click "Activate Advanced Referrals"

2. You will now see this confirmation screen.  

3. After you click enable, you will see this confirmation message

4. If you accidentally click "enable" contact a support representative ( and they can help you revert

Open your hub to allow anyone who submits a referral to register (optional)

Referrals 2.0 campaigns are public, meaning that anyone can submit referrals (even if they are not a member of your hub).  You may be interested in allowing people who submit a referral that are not members of your hub, to join.  If so, you will need to adjust a few settings in your Hub.

Note: if you do not wish to allow non-registered people to submit referrals then you will not be required to follow 1 and 2 below

  1. Open your Hub so that anyone (those who are not members of your Hub) can provide referrals
  2. Adjust access permissions for new members of your Hub

Manage Incoming Referrals

Once Referrals begin to be submitted, you can use the tools below to track your referrals.  

1. Managing Referrals in the Referral Administrator Dashboard

2.  Managing Referrals through the API

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