Salesforce Error Message: Contact: Bad field names on insert/update call: AdvocateHub_Date_Joined_AdvocateHub_c

If you see this error message on your dashboard:

  • Head over to 
  • If you then see this error message:

  • Head over to Salesforce and log in with the same account that was used to configure the Influitive - Salesforce integration.
  • Go to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Fields

  • Click on Date Added To AdvocateHub

  • Click on View Field-Level Security

  • Click on the Visible checkbox at the very top to make the field visible to all Salesforce profiles. Alternatively, you can exclude specific profiles, but you must include the profile that was used to connect to the Influitive Integration.

  • Go back to Step 3, but click on Date Joined AdvocateHub, and repeat all the same subsequent steps.
  • Next, head back to the Hub in administrator view, and follow the path - Settings > Integrations > Salesforce > Sync Advocacy Activities.
  • Turn the switch off. After about 10 seconds, turn it back on.

  • Finally, to confirm everything has been fixed, switch back to Salesforce, and go to any contact you have inside your Hub. Look for the following fields to have a date filled in:

  • If the dates are filled in as shown, you can now clear the Dashboard error message by going to and hitting Mark Resolved beside the error message. 

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