Default Sender, SPF, Company Address, Email Override

Access the General email settings page by navigating to Settings > Email > General. Here you will see three areas for configuration:

  1. Default Sender: Configuring who emails from your AdvocateHub are sent from
  2. SPF Records: Information for configuring your SPF Records
  3. Company Address: This is necessary for compliance with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
  4. Email Override: Emails can be sent to one email address. 

1. Configuring the Default Sender for AdvocateHub emails

To configure who will be the default sender of all emails, simply choose a name from the drop down list of administrators and click the Update Default Sender button. You also have the option to send emails from However, it is recommended that emails are sent under your company's domain to ensure deliverability to your advocates.

Here is a sample of an email notification - you'll see that the  From field corresponds with the administrator selected above. If you do not have SPF and DKIM records setup correctly, emails will be labeled as your email via The From and Sender emails will not be your own address if SPF and SKIM are not configured. 

Note: Your company name will be appended to the end of your name in outbound emails from your Hub. This information is pulled from the Company field in your profile. If you do not want this information included in your emails, remove the Company field from your Profile.

2. Configuring your SPF Records

To learn more about how to configure your SPF records, please read  this article. If you have yet to configure SPF records or they have not been configured correctly, the page will display the following:

Click on the Check my settings button to test your SPF record configuration. If configured incorrectly, the screen depicted above will not change. If you've configured your SPF records correctly, it will appear as below. This automatically updates.

3. Configuring your company's address (for CASL compliance)

To configure the address, simply enter your company's physical address and click the  Update Company Address button.

The company address input here will appear at the bottom of all emails from your AdvocateHub.

We also have a reminder to update your Company Address to comply with Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CAN-SPAM) on the Dashboard of your hub. We are reminding all of our customers to update their company‚Äôs address field so that it appears properly at the bottom of emails sent from your Hub. This is a once off task.

4. Email Override

The email override feature allows us to redirect all emails from the hub being sent to one specific email address (e.g. 

This feature can be found under Settings > Email > General > scroll down to Email Override. You can remove the email at any time. 

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