Challenge Stage: Check In

What it looks like to the advocate

Configuration settings

How it works

This challenge stage is best used with our mobile app, Maven. 

When you configure the Check in stage, you will be prompted to enter the address of the event / building where you want advocates to check in. You will then be able to change the size and location of the applicable geographic area. 

To complete the challenge, an advocate must first click on the Find Me button - which will use the browser's geolocation service. They will be prompted by the browser to Allow your hub to use the computer's (or mobile phone's) location. 

The advocate will then be able to click Check In to complete the challenge and earn the associated points and/or badges. It is important to note that the advocate will only be able to select Check In if they are within the geographic area you've selected. 

Best practices

The Check In stage is a great way to engage advocates who are attending your event, and a good way to encourage conference attendees to join your hub.

When configuring your location, don't just enter the address and set it. The default coverage area may or may not cover the entire conference centre or venue. You may also want to consider extending the coverage area beyond the actual venue. Depending on the building and/or location in the building they are in, the GPS location on advocates' mobile phones may not be 100% accurate. By increasing the Check In area, you increase the chance that your advocates will be able to complete the Check In challenge.

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