Challenge Stage: Comment on a Blog (Disqus Integration)

Your AdvocateHub integrates with Disqus to encourage your advocates to take their conversations to different parts of the web and be rewarded for their activity! Disqus is the web's most popular discussion system, used by millions of websites, covering every topic. 

Interested in learning more about Disqus and how it works? Read about Disqus here.

Let's look at how the Disqus integration works in your AdvocateHub. If you have a blog that uses Disqus for it's discussion posts, you're already set up to utilize this great integration. To drive advocates to a blog post, set up a challenge using the new Comment on a Blog challenge stage.

Set up a challenge using the new Comment on a Blog stage type.

Configure your challenge to encourage your advocates to leave comments at the blog post.

Add the direct link to the blog post you want your advocates to read and comment on. When you click on Verify you'll see a snippet of the site with the blog post.

We would recommend that you add a corporate confirmation stage as the next step of the challenge. This works as a failsafe, in case you have an advocate post a blank comment. While your AdvocateHub can verify a Disqus post has been made, we can't verify what has been posted. 

Publish your challenge with your configured visibility and targeting settings. When an advocate logs in they will see the available challenge. 

Clicking on Sign in with Disqus redirects them to sign into their Disqus account or set one up if they don't already have one. Once they have done this, they will be redirected to the blog post where they can read the post and leave their comments. After returning to the hub they will receive notification that their entry is being verified if you have added a Corporate Confirmation stage.

Upon verification, they will receive a notification that they have completed the challenge and have been awarded the points. 

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