Challenge Stage: Join a Group

Ask your advocates to segment themselves by joining a group!

How it works

The Influitive groups feature is accessible only to administrators. Advocates cannot see or manage what groups they are a part of. While some groups are created based on an advocate's Custom Profile Fields, advocates can be manually entered in a group either by admin selecting, or by choosing to join a group and completing a Join a group challenge stage. To set this up, the desired group must already be set up. The admin configures the challenge and selects from a drop down menu the group that advocates should be added to. To complete this challenge stage, the advocate must simply select Join Group. This will add them into the group and adjust their challenge visibility - they will then be able to see challenges that are available to members of the specified group. 

Some best practice tips

This challenge stage type is most commonly used to segment advocates who are interested in a particular type of activity or challenge. For example, if you're planning a conference, you can ask which advocates are interested in attending (or which ones are signed up to attend) and then direct conference specific challenges at them. This approach prevents you from sending irrelevant challenges to your advocates. As in the above pictured example, you can set up a challenge to invite advocates to let you know that they're interested in being a reference. If you're concerned about new advocates becoming overwhelmed, you can put new advocates in a Starter Group and invite them to join another group to have access to all challenges once they're comfortable with the application. 

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