Challenge Stage: Complete an Action Online

What it looks like to advocates

How it works

When the advocates begin the challenge, they will first see the  Go There button highlighted. When they click the button they will be directed to the URL, which will open in a new tab. The advocate then completes the online activity at their leisure. When they return to Influitive, the Go There button will be grey, and the Done button will be highlighted. To indicate that they have completed the activity, the advocate clicks Done and the points are awarded.

Challenge Configuration Page

1. Add the URL link and click the Load button. It will pull the URL, image preview and text preview provided by the URL. Make sure that the URL link starts with https://

2. Add a Preview Title and Preview Description. This text will appear as the URL Link's text preview.

3. Uploading an image will override the default image that would have been pulled automatically by the URL website's metadata image.

4. Customize the CTA Button Text where the member will click to go to the URL link in the challenge.

5. If you only would like to display the preview text and description, you can hide the image URL link preview by selecting Hide image.

6. You can also customize the CTA button to complete to the next stage of the challenge. Once you're happy with the setup, click Preview to preview your challenge and Save to save the changes made.

It's important to note that, the link/website you're going to add should support OG and Meta tags that the hub can recognize and pull the data from; Sometimes, the website URL does not provide all the data for the preview title, description, or image, in which case, you can manually add your own, and save the stage. 

Some best practice tips

This challenge stage can be used for a variety of reasons - you're basically just asking an advocate to follow a link and the destination can be anything! Use this stage to ask advocates to read or comment on blog posts, to provide feedback on a webpage, to access a landing page and input some information, or anything else you can dream up! It is often a good idea to pair this stage with a Corporate Workflow stage - especially if the online action is a verifiable 'ask', like commenting on a blog post. 

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