Challenge Stage: Reply to a Discussion topic

One of the best ways to drive engagement in Discussions is to ask your advocates through a challenge using the Reply to a Discussion Topic stage. This stage allows you to link to a Discussion topic directly from a challenge. Once an advocate replies to the Discussion topic, the stage will automatically be marked as complete and points will be awarded.

Important! It is only possible to award points for replying to a topic. There is no mechanism to award points for posting a new topic.

Selecting this stage type

You can select the Reply to a Discussion Topic stage type when creating a challenge. It is the stage seen in the picture below.  

Configuring the Stage

  1. Click add stage icon
  2. Choose the Reply to a Discussion Topic icon
  3. Now you can configure your stage as you like, adding a description, points,
  4. In the Topic URL field, enter the URL for the topic you want advocates to reply to.

The URL should look something like this:  http://{{yourhub}}

What is the experience for the advocate?

When they click to complete the challenge, it will automatically direct them to the Discussion topic that you configured for them to go to on the back-end. As soon as they post a reply to the topic in question, they will automatically be awarded the points for the challenge. Note that they will not be automatically re-directed back to the Challenges page, but they can easily navigate back or continue to explore other Discussions.

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