Challenge Stage: Corporate Workflow

Ask your advocates to hang tight while you verify their challenge responses.

How it works

The purpose of this stage is to allow the administrator to approve an advocate's challenge response, and thus ensures advocates are receiving a fair amount of points for the work that they do. For example, if you ask an advocate to write a review of your company online, you could award them 50 points for completing that challenge, and then ask them to wait while you verify that they did write a review, at which point you could approve their response and award them an additional 300 points. The other benefit of this stage is it allows the administrator to ask advocates to repeat some of the challenge stages, in the event that they've misinterpreted instructions. When an advocate reaches this stage, they see a message saying that their response is being reviewed. An administrator will receive a notification that a challenge response needs reviewing. After verifying the challenge response, an administrator can choose to advance an advocate through this stage (thus marking that challenge as completed) or they can ask the advocate to re-submit their response. 

Some best practice tips

The default instructions for this stage tell the advocate that your community team is reviewing their challenge response. However, you do have the option of customizing this message, and we recommend that you do so, in order to increase its clarity and relevance. (ex: The Influitive VIP team is checking out the online review that you wrote - stay tuned for more points!). 

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