Challenge Stage: Advocate Workflow

Ask your advocates to confirm something!

How it works

Sometimes you don't want to ask your advocates to complete an activity online, you just want them to confirm that they did something for you! In that case, you can use an Advocate Workflow stage to award them points for something that they have done. Customize your challenge description and the Done button to reflect this ask. When completing the challenge, the advocate must simply click the orange button to receive points and advance beyond that stage. 

Some best practice tips

This is a simple yet powerful challenge stage. Below are some great ideas for how to get the most of it: 

  • If you want to teach your advocates something or just get a quick news update out to your advocates: Set up a challenge, and put the relevant info in the challenge description (for example: Newsflash! Our support hours have been extended to 10pm EST, Monday to Friday). Use this stage so that your advocates can quickly read the update and then click Done or Got It to indicate they've seen this information. 
  • If you want to reward your advocates for something they've done out in the real world, use this stage. As in the example pictured above, you can allow advocates to indicate that they've done something in real life, like dropping by your conference booth or reading a book written by your CEO. 
  • Create fun challenges around real-world themes. A good example of this is the "Fourth of July" challenge that was created by an admin from a successful Influitive community. The challenge description said "Happy Fourth of July - Have a great day BBQ-ing with the family" and the confirmation button said "Happy Fourth of July!". Just for checking into Influitive and seeing this challenge advocates were able to quickly earn a few extra points. This type of challenge is a great way to give your Influitive instance a feeling of community.
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