Challenge Stage: Answer Some Questions

Ask your advocates some questions!

How it works

Use this stage to ask your advocates any type or series of questions. You can choose from a variety of answer submission options, including: single line answer, paragraph answer, single or multiple answer dropdown, radio button selection, link to a website, link to a website with a comment, upload an image, and NPS score. 

You can specify whether or not an answer is required for each question and whether or not you would like the stage's responses to be made available to other advocates. You can also select "Save to Profile"  if you would like to save a response to a profile field in the advocate's profile. 

When an advocate is completing the challenge, they simply respond to the questions and click Submit. You can export all responses into a CSV file for further study or use.

Re-ordering questions

You can reorder questions in this stage by dragging and dropping the items with your mouse. 

Some best practice tips

This stage has a wide variety of uses; listed here are a few applications: 

  • Collect case studies by asking your advocates about how they use your product.
  • Get feedback on marketing material (you can paste images or video links).
  • Get feedback on your product or services, including customer service.
  • Ask for ideas on how to improve your product or service - keep in mind that these are your expert customers!
  • Find out what your advocates like or dislike about your hub and what other kind of challenges they'd like to see.
  • Source ideas for discussion content.
  • Find out which social sites or blogs your advocates/users frequent.
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