Challenge Stage: Online Review

Ask your advocates to write an online review!

How it works

To configure this challenge, you will need the URL of your company's page from a third-party review site (ex: G2 Crowd, Quora, Amazon, Yelp). Paste the link into the provided field and save the challenge. When the advocate completes the challenge, they click Go there to be directed to the review site (in a separate window or tab) where they can then write a review! When they've completed the review they manually return to Influitivewhere the challenge is waiting for them, and then click I've submitted a review to receive their points.

Some best practice tips

This stage is commonly combined with two different stages: Corporate Workflow and/or Answer Some Questions. The corporate workflow requires the administrator to confirm that a review has in fact been added before awarding full points to the advocate. The Answer Some Questions stage is useful if you want to ask your advocates to copy and paste their review into the challenge. If you make that stage public, then advocates will see each other's responses, and you'll also get confirmation and proof of their reviews in a consolidated location that you can easily access.

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