Invite Nominees to a Group

You can add nominees into an existing group in your advocate hub directly during the invitation process. Here's how:

In Admin View, go to the Advocates tab and select Invite Nominees. This is where you'll find a list of Nominees that have been imported to your AdvocateHub.

To send a join code to your advocates, select click here to generate your group invite URL. Your group should already be configured - see this link for more information on creating groups. Selecting a group from the drop down menu that appears will give you an invite code to copy and paste into an email. Once an advocate joins using this join code they will automatically be added to that particular group.

If you have not created a join code for a group, that group will not appear in the drop down menu list.

The next step is to select which nominees you want to invite using this group code by checking off the list of Nominees and click on Invite/Upgrade.

You'll see an email template appear and you are free to alter the email in any way - ensure you paste in the group invite code.

Click Send Invite and your Nominee Group Invite email will be good to go!

Please note that if SSO is enabled on your hub there may be some extra things you need to think about regarding Nominees - read more here.

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