Challenge Stage: Share a Link

The Share a Link stage type is a simple way to allow advocates to share content across three major social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

You can track the number of social shares originating from this stage type on your administrator dashboard - under the Program Goals heading. To track posts from the Share a Link stage, use these goals: Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Posts, and Twitter Posts.

Read this article to learn more about setting up program goals. 

Setting up a Share a Link challenge

Once you have selected the Share a Link stage (highlighted in blue, above), paste the URL you wish to share in the Link to Content field and click the Load button.

Next, you can write the Default Text (under 106 characters) which will appear as the default text when they share the link. We will add a custom link for you once you've published the challenge.  

Below you can see how the challenge will appear to advocates. They have the option to share to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (at the same time).

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