2016/11/01 Release Notes

Note: Some content described in this release may or may not be available with your package. Please contact support or your Advocacy Coach if you’d like to learn more.

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  • New Messaging Updates
  • Public Profiles Updates
  • Referral Campaign Click Tracking

New Features/Enhancements

New Messaging

Below are some enhancements for those on the New Messaging beta. If you don't already have New Messaging turned on in your hub, you can sign up for the beta by filling out this form.

Send messages to multiple admins

You can now select multiple admins to receive messages sent by advocates so that the likelihood of a message being missed by any one admin is reduced. 


Subject line removed

We have removed the "Subject" line on some messaging (like when you Adjust an Advocate's points). Any pre-populated messages will now appear in the body text, helping you and your advocates enjoy a more seamless design.

New Messaging Experience (Subject removed)
Old Messaging Experience (Subject Visible)

Search by company

You can now search by company to find advocates to message, which is helpful when you can't remember an individual's name or if you're looking for the best contact at a company to reach out to.


Public Profiles

For those hubs with public profiles enabled, we've now added the ability for advocates to turn on or off the visibility their contact information in their public profile. To do so, they can go to "My Profile" in the top right and then Click the Pencil Icon.
If the green eye is selected, that information will show on their public profile. By default, visibility is set to "off"


In the screenshot above, the eye icon next to the LinkedIn profile means that this advocate's LinkedIn profile is now visible to others in the hub through their public profile, as shown below.


Referral Campaign Click Tracking 

You can now get statistics on social clicks that your advocates generated on your referral campaigns through their personalized links. (Advocates can find these personal links on the "Refer by sharing" widget found on the referral campaign pages):


To access the social clicks data, go to the Reports tab, click on the Referrals tab, and then scroll down to the bottom to the report titled "Top Referrers by Inbound Clicks".


This is a great way to identify your most influential advocates that you may decide to perk. You can also run creative contests to drive these social clicks up and bring in some competition into the hub!
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