Challenge Stage Types

Your challenges are set up using different stage types. A stage type is an action. The action may require your Advocate to complete a task, or it may require you to. There are currently four different types of stage types, or actions, available: Social Actions, Reviews, Advocate Actions, and Administrator Actions

Currently, these are the available stages in the hub:

Social Actions

Share a Link - Your advocates can share a link of your choice on their social media accounts with this stage. This is great for spreading the word about your product or upcoming events.

Post to Twitter - Ask your Advocates to post something specific to twitter and award them points for doing so. This can greatly increase awareness around blog posts, events, webinars, etc. You can ask them to mention a certain @user or #hashtag.

Follow on Twitter - Use this challenge stage to get your Advocates to follow you, your organization, or anyone, on Twitter! This challenge type will ask your Advocates to authenticate with their Twitter account and then follows the user you specified.


Online Review - Have your advocate submit a review. You will need to verify the submissions yourself. Some popular review sites include: Quora, StackOverflow, Amazon, Yelp. 

G2Crowd Review - Have your advocates submit a review on G2Crowd. It will be verified automatically. For example, you can ask your advocates to review your product on G2Crowd.

Advocate Actions

Upload an Image - This is a fantastic stage type for creative challenges. Advocates can upload pictures to Influitive and you can make those pictures either public (so all advocates can see) or private (so that only admins can see). An example challenge would be to ask Advocates to upload a picture of themselves in your company's swag - like a t-shirt or hat. 

Answer Some Questions - Use this stage to ask your Advocates questions. You can set up a survey, ask for feedback on a certain challenge etc. You can set this up with as many, or as few, questions as you'd like. 

Complete an Action Online - The link stage requires your Advocate to click on a link to navigate to a particular web page. There are many reasons you may want to do this, such as directing Advocates to your organization's blog or sending them to a discussion on Quora. Anytime you want to send them to another web page, this is the stage type for you!

Quiz your Advocates - This stage will allow you to quiz your advocates. It will look like a multiple choice quiz and is great for educational purposes or a fun way to engage with them.

Refer a Prospect - When you use this challenge stage the Advocate is asked to refer a prospect to your organization. The advocate is asked to give the prospect's name, email address, and company. You can customize this to ask for more information if you'd like. 

Join an Influitive Group - This is a great way to link a particular challenge to your groups. By completing this challenge type, the Advocate is automatically added to the group you specify when setting up the stage. 

Reply to a Discussion Topic - Use this stage when you wish for your advocates to reply to a Discussion topic. Advocates will be presented with a link to the topic. The advocate will automatically be advanced in the challenge when they click on the link and reply to the Discussion topic.

Advocate Workflow - Use this stage type when you want to ask your advocates to confirm they completed a task. You can use it to have a button that simply says "I did (whatever the task was)" or use it at the start of a more complex challenge, such as agreeing to being a reference. 

Net Promoter Score - Determine whether your advocates are promoters or detractors. This is a simple stage – to create and to complete. Ask your advocates how likely they are to recommend your company, product, or services to their peers. Their responses will be stored with their profile and you’ll be able to access reports summarizing the NPS strength of your advocates. 

Check In - This stage can incentivize your advocates to visit a location of your choice. The advocate must be within the geographic area selected in order to receive the points.

Administrator Actions

API Integration - This stage allows you to advance advocates through the Influitive API. You can use this stage to integrate with a custom community or CRM system or award advocates points for completing an action on an external site or application.

Corporate Workflow - As the only Administrator action, this one is simple. This provides you with a reminder to complete an action. For example, if you had a challenge for which you wanted your Advocates to comment on a blog, use this stage so that you can confirm they commented before awarding them points.

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