Batch Challenges Beta

We're working on simplifying challenge management for admins! 

See information below about Batch Challenges Beta - a redesign of the Challenges tab.

What's updated in Batch Challenges?

  • Redesigned challenges tab to display more information about challenges per page.
  • Administrators can apply the same action to multiple challenges at the same time.

Where do I find Batch Challenges?

If beta is turned on for your hub, in the Challenges page, click the blue Try Batch Challenges button in the right sidebar of the challenges tab.

How does it work?

The new Challenges interface is laid out in columns. They are:

  • Challenge title and thumbnail with Challenge type
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Completions count
  • Status (unpublished, published, scheduled, expired, archived)
  • Featured (highlighted stars represent featured)

How do I filter the challenges I see?

Click the filter button and select which filter you want to use. You can filter by 5 criteria:

  1. Challenge Type
  2. Challenge Status
  3. Group
  4. Featured
  5. Experience

By clicking Add Filter, you can combine multiple filters to narrow down the challenges you are viewing.

The Challenge Status filter allows you to see all expired or scheduled challenges. It also lets you filter the list of challenges by published or unpublished status.

Which bulk actions can I take?

Multiple challenges can be selected in order to apply a bulk action. There are 4 types of bulk actions:

  • Archive
  • Publish 
  • Unpublish
  • Export Responses

Once a bulk action is applied, a job is initiated and its status can be checked on by clicking the list icon at the top right.

The icon at the top right can also be used to enter the challenge creation view. This view is the same as the old challenges creation page.

What are the limitations?

  • Can only select up to 10 challenges at once
  • No text search bar
  • Can only filter challenges by Challenge Type, Status, Group, Featured, and Experience
  • No change log to revert bulk actions
  • No notification of unprocessed bulk actions

Can I go back to the old version of Challenges?

Yes, you can go back by clicking Switch Back To Current at the top navigation bar.

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