Challenge URL and Direct Links

Let's start with identifying the two (2) challenge URLs that we can find:

  1. Direct Link URL - This is a link that you can copy-paste to your email to send out to advocates (shown as number 1 in the screenshot below).
  2. The URL address from the address bar - It looks exactly the same as the Direct Link URL but it actually has different sources and will redirect differently. This should not be sent to advocates (shown as number 2 in the screenshot below).

What happens when advocates click on the URLs?

If advocates click the Direct Link to the challenge, there are 3 possible outcomes:

  1. If a user who isn't a member of the Hub clicks the Direct Link to the challenge --> They will be redirected to the Sign in page
  2. If the advocate is logged into the Hub and has the authority to see the challenge --> Clicking the Direct Link will direct them to the challenge itself. 
  3. If the advocate is logged into the Hub but the challenge is not targeted at them --> Clicking the Direct Link will result in an error notification and will bring the advocate to the main Challenges Page.

What happens when administrators click on the URLs?

When you're signed in as an administrator in Admin View:

  • Copy-pasting the URL link from the address bar and/or clicking the link will direct you to the Edit Challenge page. This will only happen internally and only for those with Administrator access. Advocates will receive an error when they click this link.
  • Clicking the Direct Link will redirect you to the Dashboard as its intention is to direct to the actual challenge in Advocate View.

When you're signed in as an administrator in Advocate View:

  • Copy pasting the URL in the address bar and clicking on it will lead you to the Edit Challenge Page.
  • Clicking the Direct Link will open the challenge with the ID number. The same thing would happen to real advocates. This link is used to drive engagement to the specific challenge when it's shared with advocates.
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