How Your Advocates Can Edit Their Profile

This article will walk through how your advocate can customize and edit their profile.
The first 3 steps show how to access your profile, and from there, how to customize different parts of it.

Accessing your Profile

1. Log in to the AdvocateHub using your email/password or with any of the social logins you may have set up.
2. Click on your profile icon at the top right corner and select  Profile from the dropdown menu that appears.

3. Select the Pencil Icon

Customizing Different Parts of Your Profile

From here, a window will open and you'll be able to do a number of things, including: 

  1. Edit your Profile (including editing your Name, Title, Company, and your Email Address)
  2. Change your Time Zone
  3. Change your Password
  4. Change your Email Preferences through Notifications (see below)
  5. Add/Change your Social Media accounts (see below)
  6. Enter your Shipping Information for rewards

4. Change your Email Preferences through Notifications

From the Notification tab, your advocates can indicate the frequency of what type of emails they will receive.

5. Add/Change your Social Media accounts

Option A. Associating a new Social Media Account

Note: Before you do anything, you should open that social site in a new page, and then log out of it, otherwise the association will happen automatically, without giving you the chance to ensure you're using the desired social account. Also, make sure the account you're using isn't already associated with a different AdvocateHub email address/account.

From your Profile:

In the Social tab shown above, click Associate under the relevant social media site. Doing so will open a page that asks you to sign into the social site/account of your choice. After a successful sign in, you'll be directed back to the application, where you'll see a message indicating whether the association was successful or not. 

By completing a challenge:

If you find a challenge that requires you to use one of your social media accounts that you haven't yet associated, you will be prompted to do so, select  Sign in with...

Option B. Removing your Social Media Account (so you can use on another advocate account)

Option C: Re-setting your Social Media Account

Sometimes, if you're having problems with Social share challenges, resetting your social media account will fix things up.

Option D: Reauthorizing an Expired Social Media Account

Your social media authorizations could expire. In these cases, you can easily reconnect by clicking the Expired. Reauthorize button as seen below.

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