Preventing an Advocate from Continuing a Challenge

Scenario: As an administrator, you're looking for testimonials for product ABC. You've added a qualifying question to your testimonial challenge asking advocates if they use product ABC. All advocates who respond "No" should not continue to the next stages of the challenge.

How to prevent an advocate from continuing a challenge:

1. While on the In Progress tab of the Challenge, click on the advocate's name to expand the advocate's challenge information.

2. Click on More Options.

3. A list of possible actions will appear. To "reject" an advocate's response and prevent them from proceeding, check off I do not want the Advocate to continue this Activity. You will be presented with a description of what will happen when choosing this option.

Note: It is a good idea to provide some feedback to advocate about why they are being blocked from completing the challenge. You can do so by selecting Provide Feedback and entering a message.

If you change your mind - don't worry. We also have an Unreject feature. Unreject puts an advocate back to the stage they last completed. You can do this by going to the Rejected tab under the Challenge in question. From there, find the advocate you'd like to unreject and click the pencil icon beside their name. Choose Unreject and your advocate is ready to go! 

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