Manually Advancing Advocates Through Challenge Stages

Some challenges have many stages and it can be easy for an advocate to be stuck on a stage for an extended period of time.  

Perhaps they completed the activity required for that stage but forgot to return to the challenge and mark it as completed. This could arise if they have completed a reference call, written a blog post, written review on a third party site, or any completed any other external contribution which is not automatically tracked in Influitive.

Let's use a Reference Call challenge as an example:

To see the list of advocates who are in the process of completing a challenge, go to the Challenge page and click on the In Progress tab.

This advocate is on stage 2 of 3, Call Prospect, where they must now complete the actual reference call. Perhaps you know that they have completed the call, and want to award them the points right away. There's no need to wait for the advocate to return. It is possible to manually advance an advocate through any time of stage by selecting "more options" and then "Advance to Stage 3 for Advocate".

You may complete this same process from the advocate's profile page as well. To do so, go into the Advocate Profile, click on the Challenges tab, and you will be able to find the same button under the In Progress tab.

Advocates sometimes complete activities that are not part of challenges, that you may want to give them credit for, such as leading a user group or hosting a webinar. To see how to log those activities for advocates, click here.

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