Marketo: Sending Advocate Invitations Through Marketo

Sending your Email Invitations via Marketo is done by using an existing active  Smart Campaign that contains

  • trigger
  • at least one token, to be replaced by the unique code sent to each advocate (usable by only one person to register in the hub)
  • an approved email that contains the token
  • an email flow action

All these prerequisites are created and managed from the Marketo web application. If you need to create any of these Marketo assets, follow the steps in the  Marketo: Invitation Email Prerequisites tutorial. If you already have everything set up, feel free to use your own Marketo assets.

The advocates to whom you wish to send the invitations must also already be leads in Marketo.  

Once these steps are completed on the Marketo side, return to the hub and simply finish configuring the integration with these steps:

  1. Go to your Hub's Admin Settings > Integrations > Manage (Marketo)
  2. Navigate down to the "Send Invitation Emails with Marketo" section
  3. Fill in the following two fields. 
  4. Click Save:

Here are some details to keep in mind:

  • You can select one template from your Marketo instance to be used for Advocate Invitations.
  • The code sent to each advocate will be unique, and usable by only one person to register in the hub.
  • All other emails from Influitive (Digests, Notifications, etc) will continue to be delivered via Influitive's bulk email provider
    • As a result, SPF records that represent Influitive as an authorized email agent are still important to ensure deliverability of emails from Influitive

Setting up emails? Check out this other article for  Marketo Emails.

If you receive an error or failure in your logs, please read this article on  Marketo Logs.

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