Note that Influitive's Pardot integration is under maintenance, new installation is currently not possible. Previously connected Pardot integration will still be active. More information on this, please contact

Installing the Pardot Integration

1. Go to the  Admin Name Dropdown Menu > Integrations

2. Find the Pardot integration and click Manage

3. Then click  Enable Integration

4. Click on the  Setup tab to login to the integration. Use your Pardot login credentials

5. Once you are done, click Save

Setting up Lead Push

Note that there could only one integration set up at a time in order to push leads from the Hub. So if there is other Marketing Automation Platform authorized to push leads from the Hub, the leads will fail to push.

If you are using an  Advanced Referrals Campaign (Referral 2.0), expand the Push Referral 2.0 Leads to Pardot and map the Referral Form fields that you would like to push to Pardot then click Save.

You will know that you have done this correctly if, the  Save button will turn Green and change to Saved, and the Lead Push is toggled On.

Feel free to send a test Referral to see if the Lead is pushed to Pardot successfully. You can follow these steps to  Submit a referral when you are logged into a Hub as a test advocate.

Syncing AdvocateHub Groups to Pardot Lists

On top of sending referral leads into Pardot, you can also push your Advocate Groups into Lists in Pardot. This is a one-way only integration, Advocates in Groups can be sent to Pardot, but not the other way around.

1. In the  Pardot integration Settings tab, open the Sync Group to List menu

2. Map your Hub Groups (left) to the Pardot list (right) where you want to send the contacts

3. Click the  + Add Mapping button to add further groups/lists to sync

4. Once you've added all the groups and lists you want, click the  Save button

5. Once you've set it up correctly, the  Save button will become Saved and turn green, and the On/Off toggle will appear in green

In Pardot under Settings->Account if the feature is disabled for "Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address" then the account can only use Pardot API version 3 and the Group Sync will not work.

Pardot Integration Sync Logs

Two types of Logs will appear in the Logs tab on the Integration page.

1. Lead Push logs

2. Group Sync logs

There are 3 important columns of information with each logged lead:

a. The time and date the lead was submitted

b. The status of the lead - e.g. "Success" or "Failure" in reaching Pardot

c. A button to view all the data about the Referral lead that was pushed to Pardot, as well as the specific error message in the case of a failure

Note: If you see a "Failure" in the logs, please contact our Influitive Support team ( and we can help you send that lead through to Pardot.

Where do I find my referrals within Pardot?

You can easily find a list of your referrals within Pardot by navigating to  Prospects on the menu on the top of the page and then selecting Prospect List

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