Reporting Categories for Challenges

Reporting Categories will be used in the Reports tab to highlight the various acts of advocacy occurring in your hub. Choose the reporting category that best describes the act of advocacy generated by a completion of this stage. 

When you are editing stages on a challenge, you will find the Reporting Category under the Stage Name section. See below for the location:

Reporting Category options
Referral Social Activity Comment on External Content
Blog Post Discussion Contribution Survey Response
Feedback (Product, Hub, General) Webinars Event Sign-up
Event Speaker Education Fun
General Engagement / Other Reference Online Review
Testimonial Case Study
You cannot add or modify Reporting Categories.

How is the Reporting Category used in reports?

It shows up in these reporting sections:
  • Overview Tab
    • Acts of Advocacy - tells you how many stages completion of various reporting categories happened and what they were
  • Advocates Tab
    • Top Advocates / Trending Advocates - We rank advocates by how many have completed a stage that has any reporting category except "none"

Reporting Category on Corporate Workflow Stage

For challenges that use a Corporate Confirmation stage, admins should set the desired Reporting Category on the Corporate Confirmation stage that follows the activity stage rather than on the activity stage itself. This way, the Act of Advocacy is only tracked in reporting if the advocate's activity stage was approved.

Difference between Challenge Type and Reporting Category

Challenge types are used for reporting on full challenge completions rather than the activities completed on individual stages. This method is good as a general overview of activity, but can fall short when there are multiple stages. Reporting Categories allow you to report on each individual activity completed by the advocate. Unlike Challenge Types, if an advocate doesn't complete a challenge, the stage(s) they do complete can be reported on, 

Is the Reporting Category applied retroactively?

Yes it is applied retroactively!  If you change a reporting category, it will automatically update past completions of that stage to reflect the new reporting category. 

For stage completions that occurred before Reporting Category was rolled out on July 19, 2016, we will do our best guess at backfilling the Reporting Category based on the Stage Type.  See below for how we backfilled.  

Stage Backfilled Reporting Category
Comment on a Blog Comment on External Content
Reply to a community topic Discussion Contribution
Net Promoter Score Feedback (Product, Hub, General)
Check In General Engagement
Complete an action online General Engagement
Upload an Image General Engagement
Answer some questions General Engagement
Quiz your Advocates General Engagement
Advocate Workflow None / Don't report
Corporate Workflow None / Don't report
Join an AdvocateHub Group None / Don't report
Update your profile None / Don't report
API Integration None / Don't report
Salesforce AppExchange Review Online Review
GetApp Review Online Review
Online Review Online Review
Share a link Social Activity
Follow on twitter Social Activity
Post to twitter Social Activity
Refer a Prospect Referral

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