Cloning Challenges

Why clone Challenges?

  • Clone challenges that are targeted to different segments, such as employees and customers, to keep response data separate.
  • Use cloning to recreate easy challenges, such as a Tweet of the Week challenge, where all you will need to change is the tweet data.
  • Recreate older, archived challenges, by quickly cloning them. 

How to clone Challenges

Cloning a challenge will recreate the initial challenge with all the associated settings and identify itself with the word [Copy of] in front of it. The Targeting for the original Challenge will also be copied over into the cloned. There are two ways to clone a challenge. One is from the challenge list, the other is found when drilling down on a particular challenge. 

Note: In the past, Targeting was not copied in a cloned Challenge, so please take note of this functionality.

When cloning a challenge from the challenges menu, just click on the pencil icon on the left-hand side. From that drop-down menu select Clone.

If you drill down directly on a challenge, you can select the Clone button. 

Once you select Clone, you are taken to an identical copy of your challenge where you can make any appropriate edits. The title of the challenge, which is not visible to advocates, now includes the words [Copy of] in front of it. You can remove this, but some administrators find it helps them remember which challenge was the original. 

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