Enabling Multiple Completions of Challenges

Multiple Completion Challenge Configuration

When you create a challenge you can decide whether you want your advocates to be able to complete it just once, or multiple times. Some challenges are better suited to single completions, but it just makes sense to have challenges like referral challenges set up for multiple completions. 

By default, all challenges are set for single completion. For multiple completions, check off the box in the challenge settings, below the challenge details. 

You can also choose to limit challenges to a certain number of completions per day. This is a great way to decrease the possibility of "gaming" in these multiple completion challenges.

To limit the daily completions of a challenge, simply check the box beside Limit this challenge to [  ] activities per advocate per day - which appears after turning on multiple completion.

Note that daily completion means per calendar day (GMT) rather than 24 hours after completion. The counter will reset every midnight UTC time.

If the challenge is limited to 1 activities per advocate per day and the user started the challenge but did not complete the challenge. The started activity will remain in progress but the member cannot start a new activity in the challenge until the next day has passed.

Popular multiple completion challenges

  • Feedback Challenges
  • Referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Picture uploads
  • Any challenge where you are trying to encourage a discussion 
  • Any type of challenge that might be game oriented – such as a competition where advocates can submit multiple scores. 
  • Some twitter challenges*  (see below) 

Of course, these are just examples and you may find you have many challenges requiring multiple completions.

Popular daily-limited multiple completion challenges

  • Daily Tweet challenges
  • Daily photo upload (for events / conferences)
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