Installing the HubSpot Integration & Lead Push

1. Admin > Integrations

2. Find the HubSpot integration and click  Manage

3. Click  Enable Integration

4. You will then be presented with  Setup Instructions which will detail the next steps.

5. Enter your  HubSpot Hub ID, and click Save

You will now be taken to the  Hubspot Authentication pages.

6. First, enter your  HubSpot Email Address and Password. Then click Log In.

7. Click Authenticate

Hubspot is now integrated into your Hub!

8. Expand Push Referral app leads to HubSpot and map Prospect Fields to HubSpot fields, and click Save

Syncing AdvocateHub Groups to HubSpot Lists

Note: The AdvocateHub HubSpot integration can not sync with Smart Lists.

To access the HubSpot Group Sync configuration area in your Hub, go to  Integrations > Marketing > Hubspot > Manage and click on the "Sync Group to List" area. Follow the steps below to map your Groups to your HubSpot Lists:

1. Click the  Sync Group to List integration point

2. Click  Add Mapping to add a Group to sync to a List.

3. Under the  Influitive Group heading, choose the AdvocateHub group which will sync to the HubSpot list

4. Under the  HubSpot List heading, choose the static HubSpot list which will receive the advocates

5. Click  Save

You will know that you have done this correctly if the  Save button turns Green and changes to Saved, and the Group Sync is toggled On

Your HubSpot list will now start populating with the advocates who are in the chosen group. It will take a few minutes, depending on the number of contacts which need to be imported.

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