Trusted vs Untrusted Advocates

In order to help administrators better mitigate unsubstantiated reward requests, Influitive tracks advocates as being either trusted or untrusted. 

Trusted Advocates

A trusted advocate joined Influitive by clicking on an activation URL from an invitation email sent directly from the hub. When an advocate is considered trusted, their reward redemptions are fulfilled automatically when the reward settings are set to auto-fulfill. 

Untrusted Advocates

On the other hand, an untrusted advocate is one that joined Influitive through means other than an invitation email from the hub. For example, an advocate can join through an invitation email sent to them through a marketing automation system or a personal email. Alternatively the advocate can join by entering a join code, or if the Influitive community is set to allow open signups, then anyone can join. When advocates join through any of these means, they are considered untrusted.

When an untrusted advocate redeems a reward, the reward will not be fulfilled automatically even if the reward settings are set to auto-fulfill. This is a precautionary step to allow hub administrators a chance to review an untrusted advocate's profile before they are issued automatic rewards.

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